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We study the nonlinear wave equation involving the nonlinear damping term ut |ut|m−1 and a source term of Nike Free 6.0 type u |u|p−1. For 1 < p ≤ m we prove a global existence theorem with large initial data. For 1 < m < p a blow-up result is established for sufficiently large initial data. This paper describes cement systems (paste, concrete, etc.) hardening under strain (HUS) when those systems get additional strength through adjusted stresses. The fundamental physical and chemical processes and the results of their research are given in the abstract with the mechanism of cement systems HUS. An iterative scheme is given to obtain the approximate solution of a class of quasi variational inequalities. It is shown that the approximate solution obtained by the iterative scheme converges strongly in the Hilbert space to the exact solution. As a special case, we obtain the corresponding iterative scheme for variational inequalities. In Roshe Run this paper we shall make some perturbations in a Laguerre–Hahn linear functional, such as the addition of a Dirac Delta or the left multiplication by a polynomial. We shall study that these transformations carried out on Laguerre–Hahn linear functionals originate new Laguerre–Hahn linear functionals. We shall also analyze the class of the resulting functional.

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